I am always open and delighted to discuss potential collaborations with like minded people and organisations.

This may include:

  • guiding meditations for group or team building events

  • recording unique and bespoke meditations for business owners wanting to enhance their clients experience

  • speaking at events on meditation, mindfulness, life purpose and wellness

  • co-hosting or providing services at wellness retreats such as workshops, talks on mindfulness and meditation classes

  • podcasts interviews

  • guest blog posts

Corporate Mindfulness Programs

I also offer bespoke corporate mindfulness programs for organisations seeking to enhance employee well-being, workplace culture, productivity, engagement and motivation both inside and outside the workplace.

With a background in law and extensive personal experience working for professional organisations, I understand the fast paced and high pressured corporate environment and the impact it can have on employee wellbeing, staff productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Past clients include:

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