Find strength in kindness for the self and others

monthly compassion circles

What is compassion?

Compassion is the capacity to understand the emotional state of another or oneself and take action to alleviate the suffering. Often we are good at doing this for others (although we may find it challenging with those closes to us) but find it hard to be compassionate when it comes to our own emotions and challenges.

Compassion is a strong and courageous act which usually starts with looking inside yourself and gaining a better understanding of your emotions and responses to your life experiences.

What is compassion circles about?

I have started facilitating monthly Compassion Circles as an opportunity for those who feel called to come together and enhance their ability to be more compassionate through sharing and listening to each other’s experiences, challenges or celebrations in the context of self or worldly compassion.

Under my guidance each session will commence with a short grounding meditation and I will talk briefly on a topic centred around compassion. I will then open the circle for one at a time sharing (for those who wish to share). The session will come to a close with a heart centred meditation.


IS it for me?

You are more than welcome to be a part of one or all of the compassion circles if you:

  • are interested in becoming kinder to yourself

  • want to be more understanding and less judgmental

  • want to be less critical of yourself and others

  • feel that you want deeper connection with those around you

  • would like to be part of a community of like-minded people

what are the benefits?

Compassion Circles is designed to:

  • support you to become kinder to yourself and those around you

  • inspire you to take action for a more mindful and compassionate world

  • increase your emotional awareness and support your self growth journey

  • create a sense of commonality among those who attend - through sharing we realise that we are not alone and all face similar experiences and challenges

  • support authentic and real discussion that we often do not get in every day interactions

  • open your heart and mind to a new and supportive way of living

  • improve your health and wellbeing such as reduce stress levels and anxiety

  • help you understand yourself and others more

  • have greater perspective on life


What to expect and bring

Circles will be held in Wembley from my home.

There will be a maximum of 8 participants to ensure comfort and ample time for discussion.

Please arrive five minutes before the start of each session so that we can make the most of our time together.

I ask that your bring an open heart and mind and wear comfortable clothing. I will provide meditation cushions, chairs and blankets.

Tea will be provided.

Time, dates and location

Compassion circles will be held once a month for up to 90 minutes (depending on how many people attend).

On the following dates:

  • 20 May 2019 6.00-7.30pm

Book your place

I operate through a gratitude system.
You can book your place by heading to the link below or emailing me at

Once you have booked in I will send you an email with my address. See you soon!

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