the gratitude system - faqs

what is a gratitude system?

The gratitude system is a method of exchange where the client (you) determine how much you want to pay for my services and offerings. It is a system based in generosity, abundance and trust.

does this mean i can pay what ever i want?

Yes! The fee you pay is self determined. You choose what amount feels right for you. It might be the same amount as others charge for the same service, it might be less, more or nothing at all.

I trust your judgement and generosity, and that you will choose the amount that is right for you.

what should i consider when choosing how much to pay?

You might consider the following:

  • The value you anticipate to receive from the program, class or treatment

  • How it will impact your wellbeing and life satisfaction

  • The cost of similar offerings and services

  • What would establish a sense of commitment for you to be fully engaged

  • What feels good, clear, and right from both your heart and mind

  • Your desire to support my work and the creation of future courses

  • Respect for your financial means and personal situation

what is the catch?

There isn’t one. But it is interesting to witness how the wold we live in has made us skeptical of generosity, isn’t it?


does this mean you don’t value what you offer?

Absolutely not. I 100% believe that my offerings can positively transform the wellbeing and life of those who are ready and willing.

However, I also believe that placing a fixed monetary cost on my offerings mean that these transformation tools may not be financially accessible to everyone who wants or needs it - and that sucks big time.

I want see our planet and people thriving through unity and deep compassion - so the more people I can reach with my teachings the more likely that will happen!

what inspired you to do this?

I undertook a course called Living The Gift by Charles Einstein. It helped me realise how truly abundant my life was yet, despite this I was living from a place of self interest, artificial scarcity and greed - thanks to a healthy dose of societal conditioning ;)

Unfortunately when each individual does this we then begin to see the greater impact this separate and self vested way of living has on the sustainability of the earth and people we percieve as ‘other’.

The truth is I, and many others in the western world, do not give anywhere near as much as we can. Our lives are filled with superficial things that we think will being us joy and meaning - when in actual fact it does the opposite.

While my offerings here again do not begin to scrape the surface of what I can truly give hopefully it get you thinking about how you too can pay it forward.