You don't have to be passionate about your job

Identifying and knowing your passions and purpose is one thing, but putting them into action and honouring them is another. 

Often when I talk to people about living their life purpose, there is an assumption that they need to do this through their job or career. As one of my clients recently said "If I'm spending most of my waking hours at work then I want it to be meaningful". I couldn't agree more! 

However, you can activate your life purpose in other ways that don't necessarily involve quitting your day job to pursue a new career. Particularly, if you aren't ready to make a career change or don't want to. It is important to acknowledge that for some of us our career supports us to fulfil our purpose or passions in other areas of our life by providing us with financial security, stability or flexibility. 

If you know what your life purpose is, or passions are, but don't want to (or are not ready to) quit your day job you could try activating your life purpose through some of these other avenues:

  • Being of service to others in your personal life
  • Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about
  • Engaging in creative pursuits or hobbies that are aligned with your passions
  • Doing something small every day or week that is of meaning to you
  • Giving back by offering your time, knowledge or a monetary donation
  • Enrolling in an online or part-time course that you are passionate about
  • Seeing if there is a way to integrate your passions or purpose into your existing job - get creative, think outside the box and talk with your boss or colleagues about ways to do this

The key is to make sure you are getting enough meaning and fulfilment in life, regardless of whether it is through your career or other pursuits. When that balance is right it won't matter that your job isn't your purpose or passion because you will feel positive, energised and passionate about life anyway.