Reclaim 70% of your week



Dread, weariness, distress and anxiety. All common feelings people feel when that alarm goes off on Monday morning, signalling the start of a new working week. I've noticed that Monday morning conversations with my colleagues are usually negative, full of sighs and go along the lines of "I wish the weekend was longer" and "can't believe it is Monday already". The negativity can spread like wildfire through the office. With people wishing away 5 out of 7 days of the week, trying to fast forward 70% their life! 

Don't get me wrong, I know first hand that there are times these feelings toward a situation at work are totally justified. But I believe that the common Mondayitis feeling is more of a habitual behaviour and something that is commonly accepted by society. 

I say it is time to break this habit and start bringing some joy and happiness into the working week. Let's stop wishing Monday to Friday away and start making the most of the time we have. 

The power of positive thinking

Try focussing on the positives that lay ahead for the week. Even thinking about the positive things that happened on the weekend and talking about them will improve your Monday vibes. Just as negativity can spread so can positivity. 

Try and direct Monday morning conversations in a positive way. For example, get colleagues talking about what they enjoyed on the weekend or what exciting things they have planned for the week ahead. By keeping conversations positive on Monday you can have a powerful positive ripple effect in your office making people feel a lot happier about being at work. 

The more your practice positive thinking the more you will beat the Mondayitis habit! 

Shake up your routine!  

Create, plan and do something mid-week that brings you some happiness and joy. Just because it is a school night doesn't mean you can't go out and have some fun after work. Sure you might feel a little bit more tired the next day but happy feelings will totally compensate for that! 

Make a list of all the things you would like to do for the week ahead. Then, realistically, schedule in the day and time you will do one of these activities. Perhaps you could to dinner with your partner, grab breakfast at that cafe you like before heading into work, spend quality time with the family, take the kids so school before work, catch up with a friend during your lunch break, try a new exercise class (yes, this works - the other week I tried Cross Fit! Hello under-utilised triceps), take the kids for a walk around an area of your neighbourhood you are yet to explore or take sometime out where you can relax, meditate or read a book.

Exercise before work or during your lunch break

Not only does exercise increase endorphins, helping you fight stress, it also releases a protein called BDNF which improves your brain function allowing you to adapt more easily to challenges and ultimately improving your mood.

Practice the art of gratitude

Sure, somethings about the week ahead may not be great. But if you stop and think about it there is a whole lot to be grateful for. Perhaps it is just as simple as having an income, getting to and from work safely or the things that your job allows you to do, such as provide for your family or travel. Check out my tips on practicing gratitude.

So stop waiting for Friday afternoon to roll on by. Reclaim that massive 70% of your week and start living a more conscious and positive life!

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