Balancing the 8 dimension of wellness

Wellness is more than eating well and exercising. It is an active process of becoming aware and making choices towards living a healthy and fulfilling life. To achieve wellness is to first acknowledge that everything we do, think, feel and believe has an impact on our health and that there is a connection between the mind, body and spirit. Even if we are experiencing challenges, stresses or illness we can still aspire to achieve wellness and make choices to take responsibility for the quality of our life. 

There are 8 dimensions to wellness that contribute to giving us a sense of purpose in life and ultimately enhance our sense of wellbeing.  

Below are some ideas of how you might increase your level of wellness in each of the 8 dimensions:

  1. ENVIRONMENTAL - Environmental wellness has two aspects to it, how you contribute to the sustainability of the environment that you live in and how people or things in your immediate surroundings impact your sense of wellness. Firstly, think about how your behaviour impacts the environment you live in? Perhaps consider reusing water bottles, use a coffee keep-cup, be conscious of water use, eat local, seasonal and sustainable food, or use non-toxic products that will not impact marine life. Secondly, how can you create an environment with those around you that fosters a sense of wellness? You could surround yourself with more positive people, be more aware and respectful of others or implement changes to your surroundings so that you feel more safe and secure.
  2. FINANCIAL - Consider sticking to a budget, see a financial planner or advisor and have a long and short term financial goals. 
  3. SOCIAL - Feel like you are in a hibernation pattern? Social wellbeing is improved by surrounding yourself with a supportive, meaningful and positive relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Reach out and organise a coffee catch up with that friend or grandma you keep meaning to hang with. 
  4. SPIRITUAL - Many of us disregard spirituality as something purely religious. But whether you believe in a god or simply mankind itself, spirituality is key to giving yourself a sense of meaning and purpose in life. Be part of something bigger than yourself through volunteering or involvement in your community. Alternatively, you may seek deeper spirituality through inner peace and calmness, which may be achieved through meditation or relaxation.
  5. OCCUPATIONAL - Find personal satisfaction in the work you do by setting ambitions, goals or even seeking a new profession. 
  6. PHYSICAL - By achieving physical health we can achieve our day to day activities and flourish. Some areas you may wish to improve include sleep, diet, fitness, water intake or perhaps ditching some unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking.
  7. INTELLECTUAL - You don't need to take out another uni loan to seek intellectual stimulation! Keep your intellectual wellness intact through reading books, listening to inspiring and interesting TED Talks or attending workshops or classes in your community.
  8. EMOTIONAL - Being optimistic, having good self-esteem, self acceptance and the ability to express your emotions all aid in enhancing your emotional wellness. Unlike some of the other dimensions, the state of your emotional wellness can have a significant impact on the other dimensions of your wellness. You can enhance your emotional wellness through the practice of gratitude, stress management techniques, meditation practices or through exercise like yoga or pilates.
Lauren HoweComment