5 simple steps to becoming a daily meditator

Meditation is good for you. You know it. But actually establishing a daily or regular meditation routine is hard. I know that. It took me years of saying I would do it before I actually started meditating daily. I was always too busy or had some excuse for not doing it, like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on. Let's face it, meditating wasn't truly a priority. But there came a point in my life where I had to put Lisa Vanderpump aside, as I could no longer deny myself the soul nourishing practice of meditation and once I followed these fives simple steps I haven't looked back. I truly hope that they can help those on the path to meditation establish their own routine and gain the undeniably life changing benefits.

1. MOTIVE - Ask yourself what is your motive for meditating and is it a priority? Be clear about why you want to meditate, what benefits you will receive and who you are doing it for. Once you have done this ask yourself if meditation is truly a priority for you? It is essential in starting any new habit to have a sense of clarity and deep understanding and connection about why you want to do it. When you start to waiver or fall of the cart, revisit your motive and reconnect to your why for meditating.

2. ENVIRONMENT - Create a sacred space in your house or outdoors where you can meditate daily with no or minimal interruptions. Make this space special, comfortable and somewhere that you look forward to being or spending time. You might like to place meaningful objects in that space, set a candle or burn oils. 

3. RITUAL - Having a small ritual that you do before each meditation can help you look forward to the experience, set a positive tone and aid the mind in knowing that for the next so many minutes you are disconnecting from the busy outside world to centre and ground yourself. You might like to simply light a candle, say a daily affirmation, or perhaps use a meditation journal and before each meditation session write an intention and affirmation that will guide you for the day.

4. FIND THE RIGHT MEDITATION STYLE - There are so many meditation styles and ways to meditate. Experiment to find out which type suits you. Firstly, decide if you would like to sit and whether you will sit on the floor, chair or cushion. Or perhaps you would like to down. Simply be comfortable. Then decide what type of meditation resonates with you. Perhaps you would prefer a meditation that brings your mind to stillness, provides deep relaxation and many health benefits. Alternatively, you might seek meditations that are more active and encourage personal self discovery. Or you could try meditations that assist you to achieve creative goals and make positive changes in your life.

Check out my favourite meditation app Insight Timer. It is an incredible free app that has thousands of wonderful meditations to choose from. 

5. COMMITMENT & PERSEVERANCE - Set yourself achievable and realistic goals when meditating. Pick a time to meditate that best suits you and a duration that is realistic. Remember to try and minimise distractions or at least have a plan of how you will handle distractions if they come up. Remember, that meditation takes practice and even the best meditators have days where they have thoughts popping in and out of their mind. This is normal and even if you feel distracted you will still be receiving some of the benefits of meditation. But, like with anything the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

But most of all enjoy. Be excited to meditate and receive all that it has to offer you!