5 signs you are living your life's purpose


Here are 5 signs that you will experience if you are truly connected to, and living, your life's purpose:

SIGN 1 - Life just makes sense

Before reconnecting with my purpose I was constantly seeking for meaning in life and questioning why I was here. I felt lost and had a deep sense of emptiness but I could never really put my finger on what it was. From a material sense I had it all. Then the penny dropped...I was not living true to myself or my dreams. Once I finally connected with my life purpose and started living a life that was true and filled with passion, it all suddenly made sense. I finally got what life was about! I felt finally felt content and deeply fulfilled.

SIGN 2 - You positively impact the lives of others

When you live out your true purpose you find that you positively impact the lives of others, at times without even realising it! Whether that is through a heart felt service you provide or by inspiring others to also follow their dreams. You are creating a positive ripple effect that the world so badly needs.

SIGN 3 - You have surrounded yourself with nourishing environments and like minded people

Who you are on the inside is clearly reflected in your outside world. You know who you are, what you stand for and have taken action to reflect this in your everyday life. Your life is undeniably aligned. The puzzle finally fits!

SIGN 4 - Monday or Saturday, who cares! You love life and every day is an opportunity

Oh, I have been there. Feeling the dread start to set in as Sunday afternoon rolls around. Only to feel my mood life as Friday finally showed up and I was downing a much needed vino at the bar after work! Thankfully those days are becoming a distant memory, and when you are living your purpose you genuinely feel immersed in the present moment and excited for a new day to continue following your path.

SIGN 5 - It feels effortless...well most of the time! 

Sure, living your purpose isn't always easy and simple. It takes a lot of courage, determination, self belief and hard work. But when you connect with your purpose and make it happen life just flows. Life seems to 'just work out', it all appears to come naturally to you and even though at times you are working your butt off, you feel energised and so alive.

Every single soul on this beautiful planet has a purpose and a reason for being here. Living a meaningful and fulfilling life is not just for a mere few lucky souls - this life is waiting for YOU!  

Discover your purpose. Discover the greatness within. Be bold. Be brave. Let's make it happen.

If you are waiting for a sign...this is it!