Be the boss of your wellness!

2016 is quickly approaching and with it comes the promises of change. The promises we make to ourselves about wanting to exercising more, eat healthier, limit drinking, stop smoking, spend more time with those we love or get our stress levels under control. But you can bet that, despite knowing the indisputable benefits of living a healthy and balanced life, by the time we are into the first few months (if not weeks) of the new year all good intentions are out the window and we are back to our old ways. 

And it isn't hard to see why. We live in a world where the demands of every day life have increased making us feel time poor and stretched. We work full time jobs, often with blurred boundaries creeping into our home life. We raise children, we study, we have relationships to maintain and houses to look after. Oh, and don't forget the loyal pooch who often gets less walks that he deserves!  

If we do find the time and really want to make a change for the good we are often overwhelmed by all the wellness services and products to choose from, haunted by memories of previous failures or put off by the obstacles we need to overcome to make the change a reality.  

But, let's say you are serious about making the change, you find the time and you engage an expert to tell you what to do and how to do it! Great, you think, I am on your way to living a healthier life. The expert tells you what to do, how to do it, they give you prescriptions and health advice. Ultimately taking charge of your health and working harder than you help get better. This is perfect when we are facing an immediate health crisis or surgery...but not ideal when we are trying to make lifestyle changes such as reduce stress, exercise more or maintain a healthy weight. By delegating the power to the expert we are not in control and do not work to find our own answers. We are not always given the support to integrate the expert's advice into our everyday life and often what they tell us to do may not be realistic given our personal circumstances.  As a result we can be left disempowered and unable to implement the changes into our everyday lives. 

Wellness lifestyling on the other hand, allows you to take the power back and be the boss of your wellness. By engaging the mind and heart of the client a good lifstylist will allow you to discover your strengths and values, increase your awareness, encourage you to set your own priorities, meet challenges successfully and design a wellness plan that is personally tailored to your own circumstances and capacities. By empowering you to find your own answers, asking the right questions and offering powerful insights into your life, lifestylists support you to make meaningful lasting lifestyle change.

So, in 2016 take the power and ownership of your wellness back. Become your own wellness boss because only you know your personal circumstances and have the power within to create the change you desire!

Lauren HoweComment