Change the way you experience life


How is your perspective altering the way you experience life?

Recently I had the perspective that a job I had to do as a total burden. I believed it was taking me away from my 'purpose' and interrupting what I was meant to be doing.

I ended up in a total funk, being resentful, feeling low in energy and started experiencing physical pains in my body.

Then I got a short sharp message from the universe to hit pause and shift my perspective on this 'burden'.

In actual fact the job I was doing was not taking me away from anything.

It was actually enabling me to follow my truth and purpose on a greater and deeper level. It was providing me with the finances to pay for a course that will not only change my life but the lives of those I work with. It was providing me with money to travel to Canada in July. It was taking pressure and stress of my relationship with Mr Howie which is a damn good thing.

This job was serving me at a very important level and taking the time to recognise this has resulted in an incredible shift in my mental health, wellbeing and physical self.

It is so easy to sit in victim mode and feel sorry for ourselves or have the belief that life could or should be better.

Do you have a perspective you need to shift?