How to commit to your dreams

Take a few moments and ask yourself...

What does my dream life look like?
If I was living my dream life, what would I be doing?
What would I feel?

Now ask yourself

Am I living it or am I working towards making it a reality?

No? Well, why not? 

Most people are really good at visualising, wishing and dreaming of a better life. A life filled with passion, purpose, meaning and fulfilment. But taking real action and committing to their true heart felt desires can be tough.

There are fears and challenges to overcome, years of negative self talk to reverse and outdated belief systems to relinquish.  

But, it IS possible.

I am fortunate enough to see and support this to happen every day. Inspiring and driven women, who might not know how to do it or where to start, are stepping forward and 'yes' to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. They know that no one is going to do it for them, and miracles, while possible, don't just fall out of trees often enough. The wild and wonderful thing is, that just by taking some simple steps these inspiring women are making their dream life come true! 

If you are ready to commit to the dream, these 4 steps might be just what you need to get started! 

  1. Write down your vision for your future. What does your ideal life look like, feel like, who is there, what you are doing. Dream big and let go of any fears or limitations. 
  2. Create a plan of action! What would you like your ideal life to look like in 12 months time? 6 months time? 3 months time? Got it all down? Great, now what are you going to do right now or this week that will move you closer to achieving this? It doesn't have to be big. Just Do Something!
  3. Keep your plan realistic and achievable. The more you achieve (no matter how small), the better your feel, the more confident you become and the more momentum you build. Soon you are will be caught in an upward spiral on your way to making it happen! 
  4. Build your support networks. Whether it is a coach, a friend, a partner or an online group. Your support network is what will keep you going in the face of challenges, hold you accountable and celebrate your massive accomplishments!