How to discover your life's purpose

There are those people in life who have a talent or skill that is so specific or extreme that there is no doubt in anyone's mind that they were born to do it. There are also those people who are brave enough to go against the flow, stand for what they believe in and pursue their passions and life's purpose no matter what it costs them.

Unfortunately that isn't the case of the majority of us. It is often difficult to identify what our soul's purpose is and even once we reconnect with our purpose it can be even harder to enact!

This can be due to familial or societal influences which can shape our values, beliefs and behaviours. We often find ourselves conforming to what is considered 'right' or 'normal' based on what those around us believe. The choices we make in life, such as the roles we act out with friends & family, our career and our lifestyle, are often based on what we 'should' do rather than based on who we truly are within and what we are passionate about. We do this so we fit in, so we don't rock the boat and to comply. More often than not we also make these decisions unconsciously and seemingly on autopilot. Never really giving it a second thought.

But more and more people are starting to wake up and become more conscious of the life they are living. They are seeking more fulfilment and meaning from life. They are wanting to be more successful and genuinely satisfied. Conforming and living a life based on other people's values is no longer enough!

The best way to achieve deeper fulfilment and meaning is to discover what your soul's purpose is and to make decisions about your life based on who YOU truly are not what you should be. Living a life with purpose means using your natural talents, connecting and following your passions, and living in alignment with who you truly are at your core. 

Discovering your soul's purpose doesn't have to be hard and the clues lie buried within you! Here are some key areas and questions to ask yourself that will help you to start discovering your mission in life:

  1. Childhood - As children we are uninhibited and do as we please - we are in essence confident and happy to be 100% truly us! As a child, before you began to conform to what was expected of you, what were you known for? For example were your the animal lover, the book worm, a creator? What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. Passions & Interests - So vital to our purpose is doing what we love and what makes our heart sing! What do you enjoy doing, reading, watching and learning about? Are there times in your life when you were so immersed in what you were doing that time no longer existed?

  3. Personality Type - Understanding your personality type can help you to gain insight into your life's purpose. Check out the Myers Briggs Personality Test

  4. Inner Strengths - We all have signature strengths that come naturally to us. Knowing your strengths can help you realise what comes easy to you. Check out the VIA Institute's free Character Strengths Test

  5. Life Changing Experiences - When we stop and look at our life as a whole we often see patterns or circumstances that have influenced us or significantly changed who we are. Review your life and see if you notice any patterns or things that have regularly occurred. Perhaps you are being pointed in a particular direction but missing all the cues. Perhaps the lessons you have learnt in life are something you might be able to share with others who are in similar situations.