Know your inner truth

Who are you?
What are you passionate about?
What do you stand for?
What do you value?
What is your purpose in life? 
What do you want to achieve in this lifetime?

It's funny in life how we can know so much about extrinsic topics, spending years studying to become qualified in a particular profession, yet when it comes to knowing ourselves, and I mean really truly knowing who we are at out deepest core level, we are often left dumbfounded.

I get it though. It wasn't that long ago that if someone asked me any of those questions I would have looked at them blankly and thought who is this jerk! I had no idea what or how to explain who I was, what I wanted in life or what really mattered to me - let alone what my purpose was!! I was completely disconnected from my true self. The life I was living was based on decisions made either on autopilot with no conscious thought, someone else's values, someone else needs or the decision was made purely out of fear. No wonder I was feeling unfulfilled, tired and disillusioned with life.

It wasn't until I spent dedicated quality time exploring these questions that I really began to reconnect with myself at a deeper core level. By doing this I was able identify who I was, what I valued and what I wanted to achieve in this life time. Once I identified this I began to consciously change the direction of my life and make meaningful and massive positive life change. As I did this I felt my energy and life satisfaction increase and I also noticed the incredible positive effects it had on my relationships with those around me. 

The thing is, that when we reconnect with what lies within us we can start to take real directorship of our life and proudly own the choices we make. From a change perspective the most powerful thing you can do is align your goals with your deepest core truths, values and passions. Because when you do this your goals represent a higher and more meaningful purpose, you become deeply motivated to make that change a reality and, most importantly, when you are faced with challenges that threaten to throw you off your path or test your commitment you will find the power within to continue no matter what. 

I can absolutely promise you that everything you need to live a meaningful and fulfilling life lies within you. You just need to dedicate time to get in touch with it. Here are some tips to help you get on the path to reconnecting to your inner truth and core values:

  • Ask your self the above questions and journal your answers;
  • Spend time disconnected from the distractions of life and turn your attention inwardly using meditation;
  • Take time in nature;
  • Think about what you use to love to do as a child before you got told what your life should look like or what you should be doing; 
  • Envision your ideal self where anything is possible and write down what it looks like and feels like; and
  • Don't forget, that as we go through life our values may change, grow, shift and develop depending on the experiences and lessons we learn in life. As this happens we need to make sure that we are regularly connecting with our inner core and making sure that the decisions we are making still resonate with us. 

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— C.G. Jung