In this moment I choose...

How many times have you said "I'll be happy when..."

Conscious or not, it is a thought we have all had at some point.

When I meet this deadline I will be happy.
When I achieve my weight loss goal I will be happy.
If only I had a child, then I would be happy.
When the wedding is over I will be happy.

Sound familiar?

It's this belief that our happiness, or even deeper feelings of contentment and fulfilment, is contingent upon something external happening or not happening in the future. 

The problem is that when our desires eventually come to fruition, whatever was meant to bring us true happiness and contentment doesn't really seem to do it for us. We might experience fleeting feelings of happiness, fulfilment or contentment but more often than not we swiftly move onto the next thing on the horizon that our happiness is now contingent upon. 

And so it goes. We continue to play into this cycle where we, consciously or unconsciously, deny ourselves the opportunity to honour our self worth and experience what we so deeply want.

I could tell you to practice gratitude, acknowledge what you are working on or how you are growing and what you are achieving right now. These are all very effective strategies and you have probably heard them a million times. But what if all of that is irrelevant to whether or not you can truly experience joy right now?

What if instead of focusing on the future, you shifted your mindset and brought your attention to the present moment? And in that present moment you gave yourself permission to be worthy of experiencing happiness, contentment, fulfilment or inner peace? For no reason at all. 

 In this moment I invite you to ask yourself:

What if I was happy for no reason at all?
How will my life change right now?

Now I am not saying that you should deny or supress all other feelings or emotions that are not positive. No way. But I am saying that you don't have to give away your power, your worth, your joy or your inner peace to the future or some external thing. It is here right now for you to claim and experience. 

In this moment, what do you choose?