Sometimes you just have to do it


If you follow me on Instagram or have met me you will know that in the last year I have become a die hard hiker and camper.

Having hiked and camped along WA's Cape to Cape, California's John Muir Trail, Tassie's Overland Track and Iceland's epic Laugavegar Trail in just over a year and with plans to hike Everest Base Camp in December, you could say that this has totally become my jam. I really bloody love it and can't imagine a life without a hike planned for the future.

But if you told past me two years ago that this was going to become a passion I would have died!

Travel, sure. But camping and hiking for days on end with just a tent, some dehydrated food and no shower or toilet!? NOPE. Sorry. I have not seen Gourmet Traveller endorse this type of thing...

So what changed?

How did I go from Gourmet Traveller subscriber and boutique hotels to The Outbound Collective subscriber and a tent. From never camping a day in my life to an epic 21 day camping adventure through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and a new found passion to keep on doing it.

Firstly I became inspired after watching a doco called Mile...Mile & A Half about a group of people who hiked the John Muir Trail. After watching it I said boldly "I want to do that". I can remember my husband looking at me in disbelief after hearing those words come out of my mouth. Come to think of it I was pretty shocked too and started to take back what I had just said. It was as if my intuition had completely overridden my brain. 

But once my brain started to kick in so did the fear, the stories and the inherited beliefs I carried. "But I hate camping", "Camping is dirty", "Why camp when you can stay in a hotel", "I have never done this before and won't be able to do it", "I'm not strong enough"...blah blah blah...stay in your comfort aren't good enough. That's the thing about our logical brain it is pretty good at stopping us from taking perceived 'risks' or stepping into the unknown. Which isn't alway a bad thing when the risk is life threatening!

I'd love to say that I then did x and y and that helped me overcome my fears, let go of the stories and old belief systems but that would be a lie.

I would love to say that everyone around me believed in me but that would be a lie. I mean they faked it and said the right things (sometimes), but often people around me reinforced my fears telling me I was crazy, asking if I was sure, or projecting their fears about things like bears onto me. 

I would love to say that my first attempt at hiking and camping in WA was a success and helped grow my confidence. But it didn't, it rained and I called my bff to come pick us up! 

But I can say that after that I jumped on a plane and hiked over 400km and camped 21 days and killed it! I can say that the experience changed me forever and was a pivotal moment in reconnecting with parts of me I never knew existed.

Here's the thing, you have to trust your intuition and take the jump. There are always going to be reasons why you shouldn't or can't and waiting for the perfect time will never happen. But I can tell you that if you let those fears stop you from discovering your epicness you will feel safe but you won't step into your true greatness. You won't grow and you certainly won't experience what it is that your soul is craving! 

If you know in your heart that you should but there are a million fear based reasons why you can't or shouldn't then I highly recommend that you just f***ing do it!