Managing expectations around fertility


We all have them, especially around our fertility.
We often assume something about the future, that if we are honest we have no certainty about or control over. 

It can be simple every day expectations like assuming the bus will arrive on time or perhaps larger things that we strive for that define our personal success or happiness.

We place these expectations on ourselves (whether it is work performance, our role within the family or in the pursuit of spirituality) and we also place them on others (such as expecting them to behave in a way we believe is right).

While expectations can motivate us for the future, when not met they can result in feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety and disillusion. In a sense we create our own internal suffering simply by holding our self and others accountable for things that are not certain at all.

Interestingly though our expectations often go unnoticed despite playing such a powerful role in how we experience daily life. 

But we don't have to be an emotional slave to our expectations. Doing so only prevents us from immersing in the present moment, flowing and evolving with life and opening to possibilities.

Begin to break your trance of living with fixed expectations by simply bringing your awareness to the expectations you are holding or creating. Notice how your expectations impact your mood, energy and those around you. When you feel agitated, angry or disillusioned take a moment to investigate why. Was there an expectation you created that was not met? 

When you are ready, slowly start to loosen your grip on them and allow yourself to rest in a more compassionate and open presence. In doing so you will begin to experience more inner peace and acceptance of the life that is here.