How to be mindful with social media

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Mindfulness and social unlikely couple but it can be done.

I have often battle with social media and staying present.

I am guilty of wasting away precious moments that I could be more deeply engaged with the ones I love, simply just being present with an emotion, cherishing a moment without the need to share it instantly or being present with the seemingly nothingness of life in front because I am on my phone.

I don't know about you but I am becoming more and more conscious of the impact social media is having on my ability to embrace the life that's here.

I can sense the moments slipping away.

While having a detox from social media every now and then is great, I have been trying to create a more even and manageable balance with it, rather than an all or nothing approach.

So I wanted to share with you how I am working with social media as a biz and also on a personal level.

Here are some things that have helped me be more mindful around my social media use:

  • Bringing an awareness to why I am posting on social media - Is it from a place of pure love or ego or fear that I have not been posting enough or am I posting because I 'need' an endorphin hit through gaining likes on a photo? #gettinghonest

  • When wanting to ditch it all taking time to connect with my life and work purpose and remembering the key role social media plays in connecting to like minded people

  • Dedicating a scheduled time for social media each week rather than an on the fly approach

  • Making sure there are no phones in the bedroom or at the dinner table or any other time I am connecting with another soul

  • Using a social media scheduler to publish my posts - I know people frown on this but I believe that doing so has not impacted the integrity, truth or passion behind my posts and it has allowed me to really be present throughout the week rather than worrying about posting mid way through dinner

  • When creating posts and content ensuring I am 100% present and dedicated to that creation time. Be present and let those creative juices flow when doing it!

What are your tips? I would love to hear them