Moving mountains within

I have recently returned from my 21 day 400km hike through the incredible Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. I will never truly be able to capture or explain perfectly the beauty of the John Muir Trail, the mountains, the streams and lakes, nor the kindness of fellow hikers. But what I can say is that never before have I felt such a sense of inner peace. I think the wilderness does that to you. The whole trip was truly was soul nourishingly amazing.

I was challenged on so many levels in the Sierras. The physical challenge of hiking over mountain passes carrying my pack. The headaches and disrupted sleep due to altitude. The feelings of hunger and dealing with a wandering mind that constantly thought of cheese burgers and fries! Oh and the toilet situation...that took a little getting use to! But I knew that I would face these challenges on the trail and was mentally and physically prepared to overcome them.

However, the most unexpected and difficult challenge I faced on the trail was the one going on inside my head. My experience with nature forced me to confront many personal fears and self limiting thought patterns that I had been both blind to and accepting of for far too long. While my infertility experience had definitely awakened me and set me on the path to start living a more fulfilling life that was more aligned with my inner truth and values, I had since that time, stalled and hit a plateau. I had gone so far yet knew deep down that I wasn't there. There was something holding me back from really being in the driver's seat of my life.

As I hiked along the fear driven and self limiting stories I had been telling myself about why I couldn't change the things I so desperately wished I could, such as wanting to quit my unfulfilling government job to pursue my passions through my own wellness business, were being brought to the forefront as we hiked along the trail. With nothing to distract me from my thoughts I had no choice but to face them, explore them, learn from them and most importantly decide to take positive action to make changes in my life that were based out of love and truth to what I believe in. Not out of fear.  

I realised it was time to back myself. Believe in and trust myself. Now was the time to start making positive changes. Life wasn't going to wait for me to do it and no-one was going to make these decisions for me. I decided to resign from my government job and put my heart and soul into The Little Wellness Co. I also decided to ensure that all decisions I make in my life align with what I believe to be true to my inner self, come from a place of love, that I continue on this journey and be open to experiencing all that life has to offer. 

I have never felt more alive and aligned than I do right now. It is so bloody exciting to step into my inner truth and really stand by it. 

While some might see the decision to ditch the secure, stable, high paying government job to pursue your own small business as a huge and crazy risk, for me the biggest risk in life is to live a life that is misaligned with your inner values, based in fear and often in someone else's truth. 


Connect with your inner self… once you are truly at this infinite inner place, your true home, you will be at home anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. A place where INFINITE possibility exists.
— Angie Karan