Do you need a nature bath?

Winter time, as much as I embrace the change in season I personally find myself spending more time indoors with heaters on, vino in hand and the tv on. As a result I tend to go a little more stir crazy and have a much weaker immune system than usual .

If you are digging my vibe then perhaps it's time we had a nature bath...

OK not together.

Nature bathing or as the Japanese call it "shinrin-yoku" is all about spending quality time in nature. Allowing yourself to walk slowly and mindfully, opening your senses and completely engaging in the moment.

Why do it?

Well a lot of evidence has found that by immersing in nature in a slow and mindful way assists in reducing stress levels, boosting immunity, increasing feelings of inner peace, improving sleep, elevating mood and improving quality of life.

So Perthians, as you know we are pretty lucky in winter time and I'd encourage you to embrace this weather and head out to your closest nature reserve...or even your own back garden!

Remember to take your time, slow it down, ideally do it alone and even take off your shoes and allow the souls of your feet to ground and centre yourself with the earth.