Need convincing?


When I chose to go vegan it was mainly based on an inner pull rather than facts. But for Ry the thing that got him 100% committed was getting the evidence behind why making the choice to go vegan was right for him.

If you are in the same boat and need some more information then there are really only two things you need to do:

  1. Watch Cowspiracy - contrary to what you might be thinking Cowspiracy is NOT about showing you footage of animals being slaughtered. I don’t want to see that and didn’t need to see that to be convinced to go vegan. Cowspiracy is actually about the impact animal agriculture is having on our planet. It is a sobering and very eye opening doco that will leave you wanting to make better choices for our future.

  2. Watch What The Health - I didn’t go vegan because of health reasons but it is the number one thing other people ask me about - Where do you get protein from? Is it good for your health? Are you lacking in something?
    This documentary explores how a plant based diet affects your health and wellbeing. It also makes it very clear that you must do your own independent research about your dietary choices. Governments and many health organisations receive funding and are lobbied by the meat and dairy industry. This means that their recommendations regarding our health or dietary choices are not fully independent and are not always influenced by what is actually best for your health.