It's not laziness you need to overcome!

How many times have you tried to make serious changes to your lifestyle only to feel exhausted at the thought actually going through with it and inevitably failing before really starting?

Well the good news is that you aren't alone! It's completely normal to feel that way. Our bodies and minds exert serious energy when change is concerned, particularly when we are using will power and trying to create or change habits. So often what looks like laziness is actually exhaustion! 

So how do you overcome exhaustion and increase your energy levels so that you can successfully make changes to your life?

The answer lies in what's strong in you

I get all my clients to complete a comprehensive strengths assessment so that they can identify their unique strengths profile, increase their self awareness and ultimately increase their chances of successfully achieving their dream life.

By discovering your unique strengths profile and aligning your goals with your strengths you will:

  • Experience a deeper sense of ownership, authenticity and alignment to your goals
  • Be provided with a tool-box of positive qualities to draw on when faced with challenges
  • Feel excited when undertaking your weekly goals
  • Be invigorated rather than exhausted - because your strengths come naturally to you!
  • Avoid burn out
  • Have higher success rates in achieving your goals

So, next time you are making changes to your lifestyle, ask yourself:
What am I good at?
What do I enjoy doing?
How can my strengths assist me in making this change or other changes a reality?