Why I ditched my six figure salary

It's part of the dream life right - a six figure salary? To feel that, in your late 20s, your years of law school are starting to pay off.

As a couple, my salary helped us buy our ideal house, in our dream suburb, to do luxury travel, stay in high end boutique hotels, to shop, to wine & dine. 

But there came a time when all that material stuff could no longer mask the strong internal suspicion that this life was not right for me. In truth, that six figure salary came with stress, anxiety, negativity, sickness and a deep sense of meaninglessness. For just shy of half of my life I had been role playing, trying to fit in and do what I thought was 'right', worthy' and 'responsible'. And I was good at it! I was achieving all the things society tells you to achieve if you want to be a success. 

So why the hell did I feel so disconnected from life?

It wasn't until I spent those 21 days hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains that it really hit home and started to make sense. There I was with my husband, our tent and nothing but a change of clothes in my backpack. It was the first time I truly felt at peace, deeply fulfilled and clear about life. 

The hike really amplified that the reason I was staying in that soulless job was because I had this misbelief that my six figure salary held the key to my freedom, my happiness & my success. But in reality it was the complete opposite. I was knowingly fooling myself and worst of all denying myself the chance at an incredible life for an ok one!

Now, I'm not saying that the life I was living can't bring meaning or worth to people. It absolutely can, provided your values and passions are deeply aligned with it. But it wasn't the right fit for me. I had been faking it for far too long.

I realised that I had to stop living a life based on someone else's idea of success and purpose. I needed to reconnect with my own values, my passions and my purpose in life. I could no longer just dream. I had to take real bold action and start living a life that was true and that was aligned to my inner core.

So, I quit.

I committed to the dream, trusted my internal voice and took a risk...which in reality was never a risk at all. 

The anxiety, the stress, the negativity and the sickness soon left along with the Monday blues. I feel light, energised and positive. I wake every day grateful and excited to live a life dedicated to supporting other like minded women to pursuing their dreams.

It's not without its welcome challenges. And lifestyle changes were gladly made to make this a reality.

But I can tell you, that a life filled with truth, passion & purpose is so much more abundant than a six figure salary!