Sure, I failed...


...but I also had some serious wins and learnt some life changing lessons too!

At the beginning of 2016 I sat down and wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. Some of my goals were small, some totally achievable and others felt, well, a little cray cray. It was the first year I had really written an extensive list of what I wanted to achieve and it was also the most successful year I've had in terms of goal crushing!

Looking back and reflecting I realised just how powerful it is to have a plan and a vision to help guide your efforts and direct your energy.

Here is how I went on four of my major goals in 2016, my biggest lessons learnt and my goals for 2017:

  1. Stop buying unnecessary items of clothing and things for the house - FAIL

    I set this goal because I rationally knew that this behaviour wasn't good for me personally, financially or for the environment. I started out strong but it didn't take long before I had slipped into old habits. Working in the city, feeling bored and unfulfilled at work, having disposable income and being surrounded by people who loved to shop made achieving this goal hard! Most importantly I had not connected this goal to my emotional 'why' or my core beliefs and the rational reasons weren't enough to keep me on track. Thankfully, after spending 21 days in the wilderness and feeling the most peaceful and content in my whole life carrying nothing but the clothes I had on and a tent, I became more steadfast to live a simpler, more ethically and more environmentally conscious life in 2017. While I might not have completely stopped buying unnecessary items of clothing and things for the house in 2016, I definitely cut it down and can acknowledge that 2016 allowed me the opportunity to plant the seed for better shopping habits in 2017!

    Biggest lesson - Voice your intentions, start somewhere and know your emotional 'why'. 

    2017 Goal - Continue to reduce unnecessary buying of clothes and household items and where necessary try and buy from sustainable and ethical sources. This aligns with my core values of simplicity and conscious living and also helps me give back to the earth, communities and put my money toward more meaningful causes and goals!
  2. Hike the John Muir Trail - SUCCESS

    Given I had only hiked three consecutive days in a row and camped only a handful of times, I am super proud to have hiked 400km, spent 21 days camping in the Californian wilderness and summited the highest mountain in the lower 48 states of America! Achieving this goal made me realise that mindset is everything...ok and some physical fitness. But seriously, positivity, confidence and an amazing support network of people who believe in you (or at least pretend to believe in you to your face - as some admitted that they thought I wasn't going to make it) can really inspire you to do some ridiculously amazing things! Believe you can and you have won most of the battle.

    Biggest lesson - Mindset is everything! 

    2017 Goal - More hiking & more nature! This year I am off to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania, followed by the Cape to Cape in our beautiful south west and then I have plans to head over to Patagonia in the south of Chile and Argentina to do some more hiking!
  3. Quit my financially secure but unfulfilling job so I can focus whole heartedly on The Little Wellness Co. - SUCCESS

    This goal felt outrageous, scary and crazy at the time I wrote it! I was earning great money and had created a whole bunch of self-limiting beliefs which made me think that it was completely irrational to walk away from something so financially secure and stable. But my heart and body was definitely telling me otherwise. I had been working in an environment that was completely misaligned with my deepest core values for years. This meant that I was stressed, unhealthy, unfulfilled and most importantly was not being true to my soul purpose. I couldn't ignore it any longer and with the much needed support of my husband, a readjustment of finances, getting real with my priorities and values, and all my inner strength I finally got the courage to take the leap!   

    Biggest lessons - Often our biggest hurdles are the ones in our head. Oh and don't be ashamed to rely on the support of those around you so that you can follow your inner truth. Just remember to be grateful and give back when you get the chance! 

    2017 Goal - Keep on keeping on! Grow, expand and empower more unfulfilled and burnt out people to achieve deeper purpose, health and meaning in their life! 
  4. Reduce my meat intake - SUCCESS

    I have always wanted to make changes to the amount of meat and animal products I consume. Coming from a meat eating family and 30 years of meat eating habits I knew this wasn't going to be easy. So I made sure I set myself an achievable goal in 2016 that would hopefully be a launching pad for new more bold lifestyle goals later on! By being realistic I was able to easily achieve this goal, boost my confidence and develop a stronger commitment to the cause. 

    Biggest lesson - Be realistic and set yourself achievable goals. 

    2017 Goal - Having expanded my awareness and knowledge of the benefits of a plant based diet and consciously aligned my dietary choices with my core values and beliefs I have made the shift to follow a vegan lifestyle. When your choices in life align with your deepest values making seemingly hard decisions or choices really isn't hard at all.