Transforming rage

This week I have felt a rage. An inner fire fuelled by anger, frustration and sadness that flows from how I feel about our Government, its fear based decision making and the lack of lovingkindess and compassion for others.

Rage or any negative emotion for that matter isn't something I have been very comfortable with feeling or expressing well. Previously I would have avoided situations that triggered such emotions, or I might have tried to repress how I felt to make others feel more comfortable or alternatively expressed and acted on this rage by dumping it onto someone else...sorry Mr Howie (husband)!

Ultimately allowing such emotions to fuel more negativity, manifest in health issues and drain my energy.

But this time I didn't avoid, repress or express it immediately...ok I did rant a little and sighed a few times...but then I paused. I remembered that the rage I was feeling was an energy which could be transformed through awareness, acceptance and self compassion.

This simple pause gave me the freedom to see the energy of 'rage' for what was. Neither good nor bad. Just that it IS. It allowed me to accept it without judgement, without fuelling it further or connecting to the stories of it.

The incredible thing is that the energy started to dissipate. I was able to bring a deeper clarity to what was going on within me. I realised that my rage was a symptom of my own fear of my core values being undermined.

Just because the rage had gone didn't mean the inner fire wasn't burning. That passion was still there but the rage had transformed into compassion and creativity. Rather than acting out in anger and doing something against it, I decided to act from a place of compassion and love for it.