Why I welcome the haters


Since stepping forward into my own truth, running my own business and sharing my vulnerabilities I have experienced such incredible support, love and kindness from those around me. I am so humbled and grateful for these people, as without them I would really have struggled to believe in myself and take those big steps forward.

Amongst the lovers and supporters I have also come across people who have, on the other hand, expressed fear, doubt and cynicism about the choices I have made and the work that I do. Often projecting their own personal fears and prejudices onto me. While their behaviour can be frustrating, fear inducing and upsetting I have realised that these people play such a powerful role in my life.

They provide me with the opportunity to re-evaluate and confirm my commitment to my journey, to my purpose and to my passions. They test how strong my desire to succeed is. They also give me a rare opportunity to see things from a different point of view. Instead of feeling anger, rage or fear and letting these emotions overcome me, I use the energy within to instead passionately fuel my desire to continue! 

Not everyone will believe in you and some will question what you stand for and the choices you make. Particularly if you are breaking social norms or doing things in a way that challenges their choices in life. Instead of avoiding or fighting these people, welcome them! Because if what you do aligns deeply with who you truly are at your core and you are really passionate about your beliefs, then the haters simply give you another chance to affirm your commitment and grow. You have a choice on whether you let them affect you, distract you and derail your journey. Be open to what they bring forward and see if there are things to learn from them. Always be grateful for your experiences with them as they play an equally important role in our lives as our supporters.

Who knows by continuing to be true to yourself you might even inspire the hater to think a little differently about life!