Forget what you can't have!

This year I finally made the conscious decision to follow a plant-based diet and it got me thinking about how powerful our perception is.

How often do you decide to make a lifestyle change, only to focus on what you are 'not allowed to do' or 'not allowed to have'? 

"I'm not allowed to eat sugar" 
"I can't have meat"
"I'm not allowed to be on social media"

By thinking about what you can't do or what you are not allowed to have, you fuel a negative mindset which in turn fuels self doubt and ultimately failure. 

The interesting thing is that everything you do or don't do about choice. Particularly when it comes to changing or creating behaviours. It can appear that it is all about restriction and sacrifice. But it is simply a perception.

Instead of focusing on what you might be losing when you decide to create a new behaviour or stop an existing one, think about what you will be gaining and the reasons you are doing it.

It is about saying "yes" to your values and your beliefs and manifesting them through positive action and positive talk.

"I have chosen not to eat sugar because I want to feel healthier and feel good about myself"
"I choose to eat a plant based diet because I value my health and nonviolence"
"I choose to be present and engaged with those around me, rather than being on my social media"

All it takes is a simple rephrase. By changing your perception you change your mindset, your ability to succeed and you might even inspire others along the way too!