Is it time to rewrite your story?


What are the stories you tell yourself?

The stories we hold onto can impact our perception of who we are, what matters, what we believe we are capable of, what we like or dislike. They play a powerful role in how we engage and evolve with life in the present moment. 

While some stories may come as a result of our personal past experiences, other stories we carry may not belong to us at all. On an unconscious level we may be carrying the stories of our parents, society or previous familial generations. I was fascinated to read recently that research has discovered that some of the stories we may be carrying can be the result of experiences from up to three generations before us! Depending on their experiences that could be a lot of unhelpful baggage we are carrying around with us and impacting the way we experience life.   

When we perceive ourselves negatively or have negative belief systems based on our stories then we might feel unworthy, disconnected from our true potential, stuck, disempowered or even victimised. Alternatively, if we have a positive perception of ourselves through the stories we tell we might feel confident, strong, the hero and empowered. You can see how this affects how we then engage in the present moment?!

Thankfully, the stories we tell ourselves are just that...stories. We have the ability to change the story, our perception and how we experience life in the present moment. By practicing mindful awareness and self-compassion we can bring our attention to the stories that exist in our mind and without any judgement, begin to rewrite better ones that will empower us to live our desired life.

When we become aware of the stories we tell we can pause in the present moment and ask ourselves:
Is this story true?
Even if it is, is this story serving me right now or is it keeping me small?
Is this story based in fear or in love?
Is it stopping me from living a life in alignment with the inherent truth of my heart?

Awaken to the stories you tell yourself about your capabilities, beliefs, potential, self worth, roles and responsibilities. Perhaps it is time to release some of those stories that no longer serve you for more epic ones based in love and truth!