what my clients are saying

I loved the 4 week meditation with Lauren in her delightful welcoming home. Sharing round the table conversation with like minded women was a valuable and heart warming experience. Lauren introduced us to an amazing meditation app and I am up to 39 days consecutive morning mediations! We practiced different meditation styles each week as a group and were given tools, advice, guidance and encouragement on how to develop regular mediation practice whilst being kind to ourselves. Thank you Lauren
— Natalie R

I attended one of Lauren’s 4 week meditation courses as when trying to teach myself to meditate, I found it difficult to overcome my busy mind, and persist with a regular practice.

I hoped that Lauren’s course would guide me on how best to begin, how to deal with my distracting thoughts, and provide encouragement to meditate regularly. Lauren’s practical guidance, helpful course materials, and enjoyable group discussions have enabled me to now begin each day with meditation, and I’m grateful for the positive effect it’s having on my life.
— Helen

Before I started Lauren’s meditation course in I was struggling with anxiety which had progressively worsened over the past year. What I learnt through Lauren’s teaching of living a more grounded and present life has significantly helped me calm my mind and helped me to learn how to process my emotions and thoughts instead of them controlling me.
— Jess

Before the meditation course with Lauren, Christie and I were looking for alternate ways to be more mindful and for relaxation. We had done acupuncture, reiki and remedial massage. The things we learned in the meditation course have helped and even complement these other therapies. We thoroughly enjoyed doing this together as a couple too!

Since completing the course we are now much more in tune with our mindset and take more time out for ourselves and give the mind the R& R it needs!

For us, the best part of the course was learning in a group environment and hearing how everyone was getting on at the same time as me. We look forward to doing another course soon
— Paul

I just wanted to share with you that we bought a kids indoor play centre recently. I’m two weeks into and its a huge learning curve.
All the same am excited to finally be realising this dream and you played apart in it so thank you.
— Paula

Lauren, I cannot thank you enough! It’s been an amazing journey and has opened up not only my mind but my heart.

The uneasy feeling of sadness, entrapment, feeling lost and disconnected to EVERYONE is going. The little rules that I’d planted because ‘I’m a mum’ had taken away some of my values and I’ve now realised that I’d made all those rules up and, in doing so made myself stressed and sad!

My PD journey won’t end here, I’ve loved it!

Because of you I have: clarity, passion, drive, a re-wired brain & positive mindset and the realisation that I have a choice, I can choose to change or nothing changes - Thank you Lauren.
— Vanya

I have been seeking some guidance and support around going back to study and getting my career on track, and a friend recommended I reach out Lauren - I’m so glad I did.

I am already buzzing about what’s ahead for me. I can’t remember ever feeling this excited about my future.

Lauren has this knack of helping me uncover things I already knew about myself intuitively, but have never apreciated as gifts, using gentle prompts and amazing conversation.

I would recommend this program to anyone with even an inkling that they want more from life.
— Stevie

Lauren has elevated my career, my sense of stability in knowing myself, my relationships. But mainly as I connect with myself more it has really made things so much clearer. I have a greater sense of direction with how I want to live my purpose!
— Zsuzsa
The concepts and techniques discussed and practised in Lauren’s 4 week meditation course have honestly brought a new and enlightening perspective to my life. Lauren provides not only a warm and welcoming home, but a safe place for thoughts and ideas to be shared and explored without pressure or expectation.

Lauren has given me the teachings to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, along with the tools and confidence to overcome any challenges that I may experience in the future.

I would highly recommend Lauren’s course to anyone who is interested in learning about meditation or mindfulness but isn’t sure how or where to start. I’ve already enrolled in the next course and cannot wait to continue to learn more about this amazing and life-changing practice.
— Tahlia

Since completing the meditation course I’ve been sleeping better and I think feeling more refreshed after sleep also. I’m definitely finding it a lot easier to navigate any rough work moments with more ease and grace and a healthy detachment from the drama.

I’ve noticed that I laugh more easily, and have also become more sensitive, more emotionally open perhaps.

And probably most significantly, I felt really even and grounded during the passing of my dad back in June. He had been unwell for a time, but it still caught us all a little off guard. I feel that coming into that experience being emotionally open allowed me to feel all my emotions, and not judge them when moments of laughter and levity wanted to surface. I was able to stay connected with gratitude throughout those final days with dad and the days that followed, which allowed the whole process to feel gentle and precious in a way.

It’s funny how everything happens at exactly the time is it meant to!
— Natalie

Working with Lauren to identify my passion and core values was an inspiring experience. Working out strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and structuring how to achieve my goals in a supportive and nurturing environment.
— Theresa

I’m feeling so excited about what’s to come and way more motivated. You’ve helped to cure my post holiday depression!
— Alice

The biggest shift since finishing the program has been that I no longer focus on self-limiting beliefs but instead on the possibilities of achieving my goals and dreams.

My life is full of promise and exploration of various business ventures. I feel that my goals are achievable and will be accomplished in the near future. I also feel very excited to do something that I enjoy and is aligned.
— Paula

Firstly a huge ‘THANK YOU’ Lauren for facilitating this amazing journey ….What an experience!!

I was at a turning point in my life feeling that it was time I acted on the long lasting planning of what I would like to do with my life.

I have gained clarity, affirmation and belief about my life’s purpose that for the 1st time I can genuinely see and feel it can be a reality. That is motivating & energising.
— Josique

Thank you so much for my session last week.

It honestly was a breath of fresh air to speak with you and I really feel like that hour was the best hour spent. Thank you for opening me up to questions that made me think more about my future and give me more guidance.
— Bianca

Lauren’s continued support allows me to get through my messy web of healthy lifestyle and self-respect - for that, I truly value her support; thank you Lauren.
— Kylie