MY story


I’m a meditation teacher, energy medicine practitioner and spiritual life coach in Perth, Australia.

I’m an earthy, light-hearted soul who has been in a life partnership with a gorgeous man, Ryan, for 12 years. Together we live the good life shared with two demanding cats and a queen (rescue dog) called Winnie. We love nothing more than disappearing into the mountains on long distance hikes and spending time laughing with those we love.

With that said, some years ago I would have told you a very different story. One that can be summised as a law graduate with a well earning job yet, despite my percieved success following the traditional path, was ridden with anxiety, anger and emptiness. It wasn’t until experiencing intfertility that the doorway to a different way of life opened.

In 2015, I embarked on a 21 day thru hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range culminating with me leaving my job and choosing to immerse myself in my meditation practice and spiritual self growth.

In addition to teaching meditation to all, I specialise in working with women and couples who are experiencing infertility or delays in conceiving to feel grounded and compassionate toward themselves during this challenging time.

Having experienced unexplained infertility for over 8 years, undergone IVF and a vast array of natural therapies I understand the roller coaster ride of emotions many women and couples go on while waiting. This time has provided me the opportunity to truly embody and refine my teachings and work in this space for almost a decade.

My approach and offerings synthesise my years of studying and practicing meditation, spiritual learnings, coaching, energy medicine and holistic living.


Qualifications and accreditations


Certified Meditation Teacher and Meditation Coach
Meditation Coach for the Australia Centre for Holistic Studies
180hrs - Advanced Certificate in Guiding & Teaching Meditation through the Australia Centre for Holistic Studies one of very few accredited providers registered with Meditation Association of Australia
Currently completing my Dimploma in Guiding & Teaching Meditation

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) Energy Medicne Practitioner through the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness

Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach
Accredited through Cadence Health, Wellness Coaching Australia and by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council


I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my life and have received more than I need to truly experience the richness of life. Ultimately, many of us in the privileged west receive much more than we contribute or gift back - yet what a beautiful world it would be if we did. So I want to pay it forward. While it is no where near enough, I have chosen to share my offerings on this site through a gratitude system. The hope is that the offerings you receive here will go beyond the two of us and begin to serve the whole.